Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blessings for the Warczaks

Well well well, it seems that my missionary service is paying off for the rest of the family:
Steph wins 10,000 big ones (I feel like a should get a share of that, after all me being a missionary helped you win that! Haha) Mom gets her wallet and check book back, Dad gets this new position at work, my goodness! I guess Todd and Court have their blessings coming soon, can't wait to hear about them**. The days are getting beautiful here, the sky is blue yet it's still chilly outside, love it! The work is going well, we have two people on date for baptism on November 6th. Both are pretty solid, so I have faith both will go through with baptism, they both know the message we share is true.
My companion and I still get along, but it's getting a little tough to fully get a long with him. For instance, we taught this lesson, and it didn't go all too well. My companion would explain a principle and our investigator would be confused on it. I would then go over what my companion said and make sure the investigator understood it. I had to do this twice. Walking out we both agreed that lesson could have gone better, my companion then stated that I shouldn't go backwards in the lesson and say the same thing he just said, it confuses the investigator even more. Now inside I thought, "Don't put this on me, I had to do that because you did a terrible job explaining the principles of the lesson you taught and our investigator was confused!" But, remaining calm I simply said I felt things were not completely understood, and so before moving on I just wanted to make sure our investigator understood fully what was being said to him. Golly, it was a frustrating afternoon, I've only been out almost 5 months, but I already know the lessons and material sooo much better than he does. It's ok, I still love my companion, great kid, very nice, he'll get it together.
Transfers are in two weeks, I am hoping I get transferred. I am ready for a change, but will do my best if I am to stay here in West Valley. This past week a lot of people have called us seeking help. More often than not, it's help with financial things. A few occasions it was things like, "I need a pillow and blanket for the night, I have nothing. I need a blessing, can you come give one to me?" "I just need someone to talk to, I'm really lonely." At times I allowed myself to be frustrated by these things, saying to myself, "We're the missionaries, this is not our job..." but it dawned on me, this is EXACTLY my job! So often missionaries, including myself, get wrapped up in the idea that we are only to teach, that is our duty. Our duty is to build up the church, strengthen the members, bring others the true gospel, and remind those who already know of the restored gospel how wonderful it is and the blessings that come from being active in the church. We are to be like Christ, who, "went about doing good." It really humbled me to know that people, in time of need, think to call the missionaries. No matter how far off the path they have gone, when they hit rock bottom and need someone to turn to, they call the missionaries. We usually can't help them out too much, but we can point them in the right direction and get them in contact with the right people. I love serving people, I love the feeling I get when someone says "thank you" to me. That's the thing I want most out of my mission, charity for my fellow man. Christ-like love for everyone I meet in life, regardless of who they are, what they look like, or what they have done. So I guess staying another transfer in West Valley wouldn't be the end of the world, that would just mean the Lord still has people here that I need to help, and I guess I'll be nicer to my companion, even if I want to strangle him sometimes :)
Take care,
Elder Scotty

**Editor's note - Stephanie won 10K in Bravo's Top Chef Sweepstakes. Mama Warczak had her wallet stolen at church, but the entire contents were later found at a nearby park (minus $15), and Papa John is now a Community Liaison Officer. Woot.

**Did you notice he said "golly"?? haha, Elder Scotty is so funny to me.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hey Hey

Hello to my family and friends,

As far as the work goes, things are picking up. We have a new investigator this week, and we are meeting with a few potentials today and tomorrow. Nothing too to exciting, but with President Packer's conference talk we have had a ton of run ins with the anti-mormon and gay communities. Those conversations always bring a smile to my face as we walk away from those people :) And of course a lot of drive-by yells out the window at us like "YOU "BEEP"ing MORMONS!, I"M GAY YAAAAYYY!, STOP HATING US!" It's entertaining.

Yesterday was zone conference, it was wonderful. We were trained on how to use the Book of Mormon more effectively, and how to get our investigators to read from it. The Book of Mormon combined with the spirit is our most powerful conversion tool. If our investigators gain a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, then they will know that Jesus is the Christ or if they already believe in him their faith in him will grow tremendously, they will know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and they will know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. Many people have tried to prove to me why Joseph Smith is a fraud, they have no idea. (Steph, if you could include a link to Hugh B. Brown's talk "Profile of a Prophet" right here, that would be excellent!) **Sure thing, little brother. HERE it is.** Utah is still a struggle, it doesn't get any easier, but at least the weather is getting cooler!

Right now both of the zone leaders do not have driving privileges. We have in each car in the mission this thing called "tiwi". It's a small white box that's hooked up to the car engine, and when you speed or drive too aggressively it beeps at you and records that violation. The mission office has those records and if you have too many violations, it's no more car for you, at least for 45 days, after that if you lose privileges again, you never drive again on the mission. So right now the rest of us in the zone are going on exchanges with them a lot so that someone can always drive one of them around in their area, which is very large. So right now I kind of have a car...but not really! Hahaha.

The transfer ends November 3rd. I'm secretly hoping I get transferred. If I stay that's fine, I won't be that bummed, but this area I am in is very small, and with the the end of this transfer I will have been here 4 1/2 months, I'm ready for a change. I am hoping we will have some people on date for baptism by next week, it's been a while since we have had a baptism, that needs to change. Health-wise I am doing great, Elder Burkard and I continue to work out every morning and I am trying my best to eat healthy. Time is still flying by, October is already half way over, winter will be here before I know it! It's exciting to be a missionary, and I feel my testimony of the restored gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ growing everyday.

Elder Scotty

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Handsome Elder Scotty

Photos from Todd & Jocelyn. Lucky ducks got to see Elder Scotty at conference. They've also been able to take him to a couple doctor appointments. This sister is jealous!

We're all still waiting for his luscious locks to grow back. Hopefully they get here in time for him to start dating 1 years and 8 months from now. (1/6th of the way home!)

Conference Weekend, Baby!

The picture is of some service we did for a member this past week. Elder Burkard and I stacked ALL of that hay, the other two elders came at the very end and helped out. My body was destroyed by it!

So I imagine you all want to hear about conference and how that was. Being a missionary here in Salt Lake, conference seemed to have much more meaning to me. We attended Saturday afternoon, but gave our tickets away for Sunday morning. We watched all the other sessions in the Joseph Smith building in the varsity theater. Comfy chairs, leg room, less crowded, and a big screen to's the best place to watch! I saw many friends from BYU. During one of the sessions in the theater I sat in front of a few boys from my ward last year and their "girlfriends?" and that was quite a surprise. Other people here and there, but the best surprise was seeing my friend Corey Wozniak from freshmen year! I saw my old scoutmaster, Rick Hjelm, who's now in the stake presidency back home in Lakewood, I truly love seeing and hearing from my Lakewood people! I also saw my younger sister Courtney and my brother Todd with his wife Jocelyn and their son. How nice it is to have family all around me!

My two favorite talks were from Saturday morning. Elder Holland and Christofferson really impressed me. With Elder Holland's talk, I was reminded that many people are sacrificing for me to be on a mission, and that many prayers are coming my way. I shouldn't waste any time that I am given to serve, and I need to be grateful for all the blessings and opportunities I have while serving my mission. From Elder Christofferson's address, I took away the steps I need to take to really devote my life to serving the Lord, and consecrate my life to him. I will be working on his 5 points the remainder of my mission and life.

Conference was much needed. I feel re-motivated and excited about missionary work. Our week is going to be a good one! Last night we had our marriage for Marcus and Annie, the couple that got their marriage license a while back with that service missionary we brought from the office. It was a small gathering of friends and family at the church with the bishop, it was wonderful. Marcus is set on getting baptized too, he wants to have an eternal family and be sealed to his family in the temple! Tonight we are meeting with a woman who has come to church the past 4 weeks in one of our wards. She wants to meet with us now and has said she has thought about baptism alot and feels she is ready to learn more and take that step. Elder Burkard and I received an email this week. Our mission president wants every companionship to achieve the "standard of excellence" for their key indicator goals every week. 1-3-5-8-3 (1 baptism and confirmation, 3 people on date for baptism, 5 investigators to church, 8 lessons taught with a member of the church present, and 3 new investigators) Crazy intense to achieve, but if President Winn says it's possible, I'll do it! President Winn told us in the email that we are two of the best missionaries, and we need to be hitting those numbers. I definitely do not want to let my president down, not after I promised him I would be the best missionary in the mission, no no no, not gonna do it! Hopefully I will be able to report in the next week or so that we have met the mark and our on track to keep those numbers weekly!

Today is a very gloomy day. Grey, cloudy, rain....and I am loving it! Perfect Washington fall weather and I couldn't be happier! Keep the faith everyone, much love.

Elder Scotty