Monday, July 25, 2011


1) Elder Fifita and I rocking the Tongan look

2) Elder Warczak and Kodama!

My new companion, Elder Kodama, is from Hawaii, the good old island of Oahu. We're having a ball of a time. Our first day we of course went downtown to do extreme street contacting, where we just go and talk to EVERYONE downtown. I began the first hour doing the talking and greeting at first, but then I turned it over to him. It was cute to see him try and shake someone's hand but then back out at the last second and just say "hello". HA! Was I like that a year ago? It was great to see him just get thrown into it, I had many good laughs to myself. Since then things have been great. Elder Kodama's door approaches are getting better, I try to build him up and not say anything mean. Again, lots of fun seeing a new missionary talk to a stranger. Right now we have a baptism lined up for the next four weekends, and we're doing a lot of finding. Being a trainer is a good experience for me, it's making me push myself and really step up and bring my "A" game. Trainers spend one or two transfers with their new missionary. So at least another five weeks with him, or it will be three months total. We no longer have a car, we are doing the bike thing! I know, last year I wasn't a huge supporter of the bike, but now I love it. I'm getting tan, and I'm sweating like crazy, goodbye personal food storage! 

Pioneer Day is this next week. The craziest day in Utah. I'm sure we will be going downtown and doing what we did last year, that is passing out many cards and pamphlets and trying to find new people for the mission. It's suppose to be in the 90's all week, I'll be drinking water and spraying my head with sun block like there's no tomorrow.

I love where I'm at right now as a missionary. I feel confident in my teaching, I have no problem talking to people, and I'm having the most joy I think I've ever had so far on my mission. The next 10 months will be the best ones yet. 


Elder Scotty

Monday, July 11, 2011

Trainer it is!

Just got the call from President Winn, I have been released as district leader and will be a trainer this transfer!

Trainer, maybe??

Transfers this Wednesday. Rumor be told, I'm going to be a trainer, staying in my area. But I heard that a few weeks back, so who knows what has gone on since then. Either way, I think Elder Fifita and I will be going our separate ways.

Right now we have three people on date for baptism, but only one of them is solid. Of the two, one is facing cigarettes and right now we are not sure if he has the determination needed to overcome them. The other is a woman we put on date for baptism the first time we met her, she was a referral from the relief society president. She has been coming to church a couple of weeks now, and really enjoys it, as does her three young children. Recently though, she has had some health problems, and talking with her less-active friend that comes to church with her, she is now thinking she may be rushing into the church thing too soon. I really hope all works out with her, a single mother like her needs the gospel in her life.

It's incredible to think that the summer is almost over, after this next transfer I'll be getting ready for October Conference. I recently read over Elder D. Todd Christofferson's article in the special issue of the Ensign regarding Jesus Christ entitled, "Becoming A Witness of Christ". That is what I am studying and working most at becoming right now, a true witness of Christ. To know of Him, to act like Him, to have other see Him when they see me. It's a process, something that will gradually occur over time as I make right decisions everyday. But I have realized that my mission is coming closer to an end than I realize, and I don't want to come off the plane in Sea-Tac still the same old Scotty, if that makes sense? I don't want to come home and do the same things. My life needs to be change for the better, and if a mission can't do that, nothing else I do will.

Take care, and God Bless

Elder Scotty

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Go See 17 Miracles - That's an Order

4th of July yesterday was a memorable one. It was an all day p-day, and that was a little bizarre. We had so much time, and with all the email places closed, we had to kill time. Until...we gathered at the theater at the gateway mall. 150+ missionaries in a movie theater, everybody else there was a little "freaked" to see us! I must admit, I felt a little scandalous being in a movie cinema, my rebel ways are diminishing here in the missionary world! The movie, "17 Miracles" was superb! If it's playing anywhere around you, go see it! It shows just some of the miracles that happened with families and individuals who were part of the Willie Martin handcart company, a group of early church saints that came to the Salt Lake valley from England, and had no wagons, but handcarts to pull themselves across the plains, and then ended up trapped in terrible winter conditions. I cried, for sure. All of these stories come from journal accounts of those that were part of the group. Afterwards, the director, T.C Christiansen, spoke with us in the theater about the making of the movie and some of the things he learned as he filmed the movie.

I am so grateful for the rich heritage of this church, and too often I take it for granted, forgetting what so many went through to allow me to have the true gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. 

The work in my area is getting busier. We have names to go by, many potential investigators, and people that should be on date for baptism by the end of this week. On Sunday our couple that we were trying to get married, but all of a sudden backed out, came to church and talked with bishop. They wanted to get married THAT day. Elder Fifita and I ran home to grab the marriage license and paperwork and brought it back to church. Truly a miracle. 

Another man that we have been teaching recently had a stroke. HE is a member of the church, but had been very inactive since his youth, until he had his stroke and had a priesthood blessing that he knows is what saved his life. He knows he felt the holy ghost touch his heart, and said that as he was given the blessing, feelings he never felt before came over his entire body, and the frantic attitude of the room dissolved, and there was peace. Come to find out, his membership records cannot be found. We will need to recreate his records if possible, or otherwise baptize him again. The Lord truly does prepare people for us to teach, and goes a step further and prepares people for the set of right missionaries and vice versa. This man is a great example to me and how keeping a positive attitude through a challenging part of life makes all the difference. I am able to relate to him somewhat with my cancer story, and how staying happy is really the thing that makes or breaks you.

Transfers are next Wednesday. Again, I have no idea what will happen to me, President Winn is pretty unpredictable. Zone conference is this week, perhaps I'll find something out. Everything else is good. Driving home from the movie last night, as I reviewed in my mind the stories of the pioneers I just heard and how what a terrible human being I have been about thinking my life and situation was soooo hard, I saw a billboard for a company I don't know, but that read, "No Excuses, No Complaints." I thought, "How true is that?" I love that phrase, and will try to make it a part of my everyday experiences.

Elder Scotty