Monday, December 12, 2011

Elder Oaks This Week

This past week was a rough one. We had many lessons fall through, and a few investigators fall off date for baptism. We did everything we could, we called and confirmed appointments the night before and the day of, we had members come out with us, and we get to the door, and the person isn't there. I kept a smile on my face about it, we did everything we could, I don't feel too bad. One of the talks at church was on "trials". It was a wonderful talk. It helped me to understand that trials are given to allow us to exercise our agency, to choose to take the higher road in a tough situation. As Heavenly Father sees us accept His will, and not complain and murmur, he's able to bless us for acting on our faith. I know good things will happen this week!

This Saturday Elder Oaks and his wife are speaking to our mission! My first time meeting an apostle, I'm stoked. Afterwards we have a lunch and then a musical show. I and Elder Byrd will be singing "O Come All Ye Faithful" with Elder Tiensuu from Finland playing the Cello. It's going to be sweet.

As the week was full of bad things, I won't waste your time by typing about them. Next week will be a good one! I'm not sure what time I'll call home mother, but crazy to think this is my second Christmas huh? I'll be home next year for it, and maybe even have a wife with me! HA! Wouldn't that be something! I don't have any prospects right now, so I'll have to start from square one. Definitely by 2013 Christmas I"ll be married, no way I'm staying single that long!


Elder Scotty

Friday, December 9, 2011

We Have People to Teach

This past week was amazing. We have a few wonderful people on date for baptism. A girl whose family was being taught by Spanish speaking elders, but doesn't speak much Spanish, got passed on to us to teach. She accepted baptism for the 17th! Our newest addition is a 19 yr. old Navajo boy. We're helping him quit smoking and he is pumped about getting baptized the week of Christmas. We have great potential all over the place.

I don't think I told you all about the training Elder Byrd and I gave at leadership training. We were assigned to train on "effective personal study". We themed the training around Quidditch, and started off by riding around on brooms and singing the Harry Potter Theme song pretending to seek the snitch! We related it to how we need to "seek" the Lord's will for our investigators as we study, and how revelation will flow as we seek the right things in our studies. My Ashburn Virginia friends would be so proud. We made a little snitch and threw that around when people would raise their hands to talk, it was great!

Working with singles is still a thrill, they are so willing to help us. This past week we took some investigators to temple square with all the lights, they really progressed that night. We have a small group of people from the ward there to support them, everything went according to plan. Next Saturday Elder Oaks will speak to our mission at our Christmas Devotional. This will be my first time meeting an apostle, I'm super nervous, but excited.

That's my week, pray no snow comes!

Elder Scotty