Monday, February 27, 2012

Wyoming Zone = Domination Zone!

Right now our zone has about 30 people on date for baptism. With only
14 of us missionaries out here, that's not bad! Everyone in the zone
is fairly young compared to me in age and also time in the mission
field. I have been out nearly 6 months longer than my companion.
There's one other elder who's been out about that time, and another
who just hit a year. The rest of the bunch has been out 6 months or
less. It's a great zone. All of us are pumped and excited to work
hard, we want to be on top of the mission! The record for baptisms in
a month in the Wyoming zone is 32, we can beat it!

We received some good phone calls this week. A woman wants to meet
with us. Her husband is a member but not active. They used to always
feed the missionaries, and enjoyed their company. I guess some things
have happened recently, and this woman is now ready to investigate the
church. Another fellow we met with is praying for when he should be
baptized. He knows it's what he needs to do though. He is a very
interesting guy, so he may take some time to work with.

We are meeting many more of the members. I've met a few more that I
know will become life long buds of mine.

This Thursday we are going to be teaching seminary. We will be
discussing 1st Kings chapter 17-22, good old Elijah! The other elders
here in Evanston will be teaching the other few classes, their
assignment is a little more challenging, they got people like Josiah
and Hezekiah to discuss with the classes and what all went on during
that time.

March is here, conference right around the corner! In church they
announced that tickets were available, which caught me off guard.
Since this is my last one as a missioanry, I will be getting a few
pair of tickets for down front in the plaza, right where the church
leaders come out from the back :)

I've decided I'm going to get boots. Everyone here wears them, and
they look amazing. And they're extremely comfortable! I'm not sure
when, I'll have to save up some money, but when I get them, watch out!


Elder Scotty

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leadership Training and a Cold

The past two days I was in Salt Lake for leadership training. I and my
companion did not give a training, I'm assuming we will at the next
set of trainings in March. The first day was fine, but the next day
was rough. I have a major cold, and it hit me hard Tuesday night. Day
two of training, I just sat in the back with a big box of kleenex
praying for the day to get over. We were trained on good things. My
mission president is a boss. He blows me away with how he teaches us
and the love he has for us.

Wyoming is going well. Everyone here in the zone is pumped for March,
we're going to baptize quite a few. The majority of our zone is very
young, with most of them being on their missions less than 6 months. I
am by far the oldest missionary. Right now my companion and I have two
people with a baptismal date. The wife of the man we just baptized a
few weeks ago is set for the 3rd of March, she's pumped!

I'm happy my new niece is doing well, I can't wait to see little
Claire. Brown hair, oh my! That's great about Todd getting accepted to
Georgia. Five years there, that will be fun to go visit, I've never
been to the south, I'll get me some good eating!

Everything else is well, the weather is mild and I received letters
from both Jason and Sara and also Melissa. It's great to hear from
friends. I love you all, take care!


Elder Scotty

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No More Walking!

We get our car back today from the shop! It was a very slow week
without it, especially during the afternoons when no one is available
to give us rides. We found some new people though that hopefully will
turn into something good.

I'm glad I'm done with my second super bowl as a missionary, the work
yesterday was dismal! HA! No one was around to meet with us, everyone
had a party to be at. We did our best, but nothing exciting happened.
Transfers are this week, I think my companion is leaving. I'm set on
being here two more transfers, so I'm not too interested in hearing
where everyone ends up at and who's with who.

This week I went on exchanges with Elder Talaipa, and elder from
Western Samoa. He's crazy, but in a funny way. I was in Rock springs
with him, so he had to direct me everywhere to go as I drove. Just
getting to the apartment was an adventure! "Go no no go
right! You missed the turn, you were suppose to go left, oh my gosh!"

I bought a bunch of those valentine's day cards you give out when
you're in elementary. I got NBA and Phineas and Ferb. I'm sending them
all out to the missionaries I know and love. There's so many new ones
I don't know, so it's only about 50 I'm sending out. With transfers
this week, I'll drop them off at the office so they can sort them all
out and put them into the place they need to go. We're lucky here in
our misison, zone leaders pick up the mail from the office once a
week...well, unless you're a zone leader like me out here in Wyoming,
we're just banished from the rest of the mission!

I have my next cancer check-up at the Huntsman next Monday, prayers
would be great!


Elder Scotty