Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Missionaries Everywhere!

A computer lab full of elders in my zone, this is every week. This is what Elder Warczak looks like as he is typing this email to you all :)

 A few art samples at the church history museum from last week's tour. I love the one of Christ in the Americas with all the angels coming down! The picture of Joseph Smith and the first vision is in the Nauvoo Cafe, the scripture it goes with is Hebrews 12:29, "For our God is a consuming fire"...cool huh? The death horse picture is based off a scripture in Revelations, pretty much saying if you were righteous you'll see the lovely face of God, and if you were evil...crazy eyes horse is coming to get ya!

Here is Michael and Monica, two amazing converts to the church!

Hello Everyone,

As with this computer lab, missionaries are everywhere we go. With areas being so small, we always run into other companionship's, it's always fun. The weather has been crummy, but our spirits have been up. The baptism this weekend was great. Simple, just a few friends and family members. Both are solid new converts, they will go far in the church, next year I fully expect to see Michael and his wife Julie, who is a member, in the temple where they will be sealed together as husband and wife for all time and eternity. The transfer is over next Wednesday. Then I will officially be at the year mark the next day, CrAzY! Elder Widenhouse is emailing right next to me, my first district leader a year ago, and he is finished next Wednesday, even CrAzIeR!

This past week we did a ton of door knocking, checking lists of new move-ins, and children of record. I really feel like as we continue to chip away and do our best, major blessings and miracles will come to this area, especially if I am training next transfer. I'll be on my A-game because I don't want to screw up the kid, and hopefully he'll be pumped to be on his mission and to work hard! As long as I can walk around with the sunshine on my face, instead of raindrops, I'll be happy no matter what.

Also this past week, as we talked to people, the same question came up, "How is it serving in Salt Lake, Utah?" Always with that chuckle of sarcasm that says, "It has to stink right, or at least make you mad you serve here instead of somewhere cool in the world?" It has helped to remember how much I love Salt Lake as I reply to each person, "It's the best mission in the world!" And I mean it. I love being here.

This past Sunday in one of our wards an elder came home from....Tacoma, WA!!! He served in areas like Spanaway, and the Tacoma stake, and Port Orchard. I LOVED hearing those places name, I know where they're at! I talked with him after the meeting, he had some missionary buddies there as well, so I had a little Washington conversation with a group of guys that LOVE Tacoma, WA!

Random fact for you: Apparently, the first man of African descent to receive the priesthood in the church is in my stake, Brother Joseph Freeman. Now, I've "googled" it, and read some articles, and everything is saying he was the first to receive it, BUT there may have been black men in Brazil and Los Angeles that received it first. Who knows, but he is definitely one of the first! He served as a bishop and now is serving as a high counselor over the Cambodian branch. He gave the opening prayer when we spoke there last week, and I shared a hymn book with him as we sung!

Pray for the sun to come, and life will be good :)

Miss and love you all,

Elder Scotty Warczak

Monday, May 16, 2011

Call me Elder WAR MACHINE!

My birthday was a beautiful day, plenty of sunshine and blue sky. Nothing too exciting, a birthday as a missionary is like any other day. But now I can say I'm 22 when I introduce myself, which sounds a lot better than saying I'm 21 to my ears. We have two baptisms this weekend, sadly no others lined up at the moment, but they'll come, miracles will happen. It's been a struggle with other things so far this transfer, but that little white handbook I read from everyday filled with all the missionary guidelines informs me that I am not to write in my emails or correspondence with others anything negative about my area, my companion, or anything else going on. So I'll just leave it at that
Hence the new nickname, "Elder War Machine", I am starting now to get more of a backbone. I'm too nice, I hate hurting people's feelings by telling them how it is. Then it boils to a point where I uncork and end up saying something way out of line. No more! If a missionary does or says something they shouldn't, I'm going to let them know about it, even if they did it in ignorance and had no idea what they did or said was wrong, it doesn't matter. I'm here to serve the Lord, not to please anybody else.  It's just been a long week, heck, a long month so far! I think I am training a new missionary next transfer, at least that's what the grapevine is saying these days. There's a big group of new elders coming in, so I wouldn't be surprised if I'm called to be a trainer.
Today my zone went to the temple and then Sister Winn set up a tour for us at the church history museum located right next to the temple. What a fun place that is! I learned a ton of stuff, and saw some wonderful pieces of art.
Next week I'll have baptism pictures, so be sure to check those out! Thank you to those that sent me birthday greetings! And I'm sure I'll get some this week since we receive mail only once a week on Thursdays, so thank you in advance!
Elder Scotty "War Machine" Warczak

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Elder Warczak!

Another rainy day here in Washington, er...I mean Salt Lake. The rain has been coming down for a few days now, it's making me homesick/angry. I love my rain, but not when it's May 9th in Utah! The work is going well. We meet with two people tonight who want to be baptized, and their dad it seems has had a change of heart, and is allowing us to come over and teach his sons. I guess the elders before me that were here tried with them, but the dad HATED seeing missionaries, so never allowed the sons to learn more. The whole family showed up to church, the mom is an active member, and the dad gave his blessing for us to teach them. Hopefully that leads to saying yes to baptism!
Mother's day was wonderful, it was lovely to talk with my parents, felt just like the good old times. My siblings I think would agree, I'm good at staying in touch with the family. At school I would always call on my way to or from class, just to say hi and see what was new. It will be nice to get back to that next June. My birthday is Friday, my first one in the mission field! Next year I'll be coming home in less than a month. With each transfer missionaries are going home and new ones are coming in, I'm getting to be one of the more "seasoned" elders. Wierd to think about it.
I hope everyone is well, I know there are a few babies due soon and a couple of weddings happening. Good luck Sarah with the delivery, you're going to be an amazing mother! Pete, congrats on the marriage, I hope it's a wonderful day and that the weather will be decent, I'm expecting pictures! Thanks Sean for keeping me posted on everyone, way to get all A's last semester, gotta do well to support the wife and future little Harveys! To everyone else I hope life is treating you well. Always remember our Savior in everything you do, He knows how to help in EVERY situation!
Ofa Atu
Elder Scotty

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nearly Halfway!

-Snow on April 30th...WHAT!?!?
-Elder Walker and I with a beautiful snow free sky behind us!
-Reunited with Elder Orr, we still think we're hard thugs
-Many "helping hands" on Ensign Peak Trail
-(Pile of rocks) I was on rock duty...my muscles woke up after a leave of absence for ohhh...a year!
-(Elder Walker and Orr) 14E boys are the best looking! Ladies, just another 13 months till they're home :)
Dear family and friends,
Last Saturday it snowed...what in the world! My zone along with another zone were part of the service project "Comcast Cares Day", and so we headed off early in the morning to Ensign Peak. First we placed mulch around about 30 trees in a nearby park, then everyone went up to the trail head of Ensign Peak and did a major face lift! A team of people went up the trail and cleared it out all the way to the top, and at the bottom of the trail old plants and bushes were torn out and new ones, along with all those big rocks, were put in. It was a cold day, but it was fun to be around Elder Walker and Orr.
The new area is getting better. We have three people on date for baptism, with two others looking good as well. It is still a challenge trying to learn the area, I feel like I got white-washed in there, my companion still doesn't know the people and area too well, and he's been there three months. The stake president is only 32 years old, he is a very humble man. Yesterday was stake conference and he gave an amazing talk, he'll go far in life. Today marks 11 months I have been a missionary, I'll give a whole speal on that and what it feels like in a month when I hit a year.
Yesterday we went to see the Bangerter group down in the Granger and West Valley stakes. It was great to see all of them. We didn't have a dinner so we were invited to the normal family dinner. I love all those people, I can't wait to see them after the mission and be able to spend more time with them. I am so happy it's May. On to Summer! And my birthday is next Friday, Friday the 13th! I'll make it a great day, a good present would be to find a family to teach the Gospel to! I've given up on wishing for hair, cancer nuked it and I've come to the realization that I am doomed to look like a grandpa the rest of my life.
So much has gone on in the world it seems like lately. I heard all about Bin Laden's death, the royal wedding, and the tornadoes down in the south. How I love the little bubble we missionaries live in! This week I have leadership training with the rest of the leaders in the mission, interviews with President Winn, and exchanges with members of my district. Busy busy busy!
I feel like my emails are getting shorter as time goes on, it's tough to think of things to talk about. I'll make sure to send more pictures to compensate for the lack!
Elder Scotty 


Monday, May 2, 2011

1) Not too many Elders get to baptize with missionaries from another mission! The two making an "S" sign, and the Tongan, are serving in the south mission. 
2) Seven Nepali were baptized last weekend, I taught four of them, the other three were taught in the South mission. The two men are brothers, so they wanted to get baptized together.

Transferred! I'm now serving in the Granger North Stake, which is right next to the Granger Stake! I just can't get away from this area! Hahaha it's cool. I'm now serving with Elder Christiansen, from Stafford Virginia. We live with members, the top level of their home is all ours. There are two big bedrooms, we are in one, and our zone leaders are in the other. We share a kitchen and workout room, each bedroom has it's own bathroom. It's fun to have them with us. I'll send pictures next week (I can send pictures again, YES!!!) 
I have a lot of work to do in this area. Not that it's in bad shape, but with me being the senior companion, and not knowing the area or anyone, I really need to get on top of it fast. My companion is well...yeah. The past week's been rough. I've had to depend on him to know who to see and where to go, and he's like a deer in the headlights! I know we'll make it happen, I'll help him out as much as I can, and I'll learn what I need to learn from him. Easter was nice. In the evening we went to temple square with a man named Michael. He and his family are from the Islands of Yap....yeah I know, where the heck is that!? It's part of Micronesia. Very cool man, his wife is a member of the church, and he has good feelings about it.
Not too much to say, a new area will do that to you. As I learn more about our investigators and the area I'll have more exciting things to share. I'm sad I left Nepali, I love those dang people! I did not expect to get transferred, I was actually mad about it. I was afraid the area would die down, but a really solid missionary is now there with my former companion, so I can breathe and know that all will be well. Take care everyone!

Elder Scotty