Thursday, May 10, 2012

April 10

My last zone conference, weird. Elders Calderwood and Willnauer are in my zone, two of my original MTC buddies, so the three of us shared our testimonies. All three of us didn't have much to say, as we still have two months left, so our comments were short and brief. The members in my area are still great, they have such a strong desire to do missionary work. Easter Sunday was nice. The weather was amazing, and a woman and her children came to church that we have been meeting with! The mother is a less-active member, and she has five children, two of which are old enough to be baptized. She feels and recognizes the spirit, and knows she needs the church again in her life. Her children are great, the oldest boy is 11, and then follows three sisters and the baby brother. We have a blast seeing them.

The work continues on, it doesn't feel like it's almost over, I feel like I'll be here all summer, June seems so far away. If anyone is to send me anything right now, a jar of quarters would be most appreciated! I have been spoiled my entire mission when it comes to laundry. My first area I had a wonderful member do my laundry for me at her home, and since then I have been blessed with a washer and dryer in my apartment. In this area we use the laundry-mat next to our apartment and my quarter stash I have saved up my entire mission has nearly vanished! Hahaha how blessed I am to have to worry about quarters only, when so many missionaries in the world have to beat their clothes on a rock and boil a pot of water to do their laundry (or whatever the heck they have to do!) Yes, Salt Lake City has been good to me.

That's what I got, take care!


Elder Scotty

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