Thursday, May 10, 2012

April 2

Conference was amazing. I'm pretty sad it was my last one as a missionary, I feel like those sessions of conference while wearing the black name tag will be very fond memories for me the rest of my life. I attended the Saturday AM, Priesthood, and Sunday PM sessions. Priesthood I was up in the balcony with an investigator, but the other two sessions I was right up front. I was very moved by Elder Holland and Hales addresses. The two were back to back, and flowed beautifully together for me. This church is true, no other organization on the earth comes even close to what the church is capable of, it has to be divinely led.

I shook hands with many members of the seventy. This morning we went to the temple, and in there with us was Elder Wilson, the elder that introduced his talk with the story of telling his wife to slow the car down, and telling her he had the right to tell her how to drive because he was her husband and held the priesthood :)

Great experience, glad I had the opportunity so many times on the mission to go see it live. Just as important as that, is the fact that I don;t have to wear my suit jacket during proselyting time! Only church and other meetings! Hello short sleeve white shirts!

The Holladay area has proven a worthy opponent. The work was slow this past week, with many people denying the blessings of the Gospel in their lives with words like, "GO AWAY!...YOU F***IN MORMONS!....HAVE FUN IN HELL!" Yeah, it's a blast. But the members here are incredible! Wow am I impressed with them. They try so hard to reach out to others and get rejected as well. It will happen, miracles will come.

10 weeks left, all the jokes from elders are coming out about me going home soon. It's an odd feeling being an old timer missionary, there's only my group and the one going home this transfer who know President Sonne, the former mission president. Next Monday is my last zone conference, where they have all the missionaries going home before the next zone conference share their testimony. It seemed so far away, and know I'm the one having his last zone conference.

Everything else is well, I'm loving life. Take care everyone!


Elder Scotty

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