Thursday, May 10, 2012

March 26

Transfers came and went. I was released from leadership and am told to focus on my new area and helping my companion. I am now serving in the Holladay and Holladay South Stakes, here on the east side of Salt Lake. This is like a new world to me. Spending most my mission in West Valley and then the Nepali program with refugees, I am now surrounded by rich white people! Church yesterday was fun. I counted how many fancy cars were in the parking lot. For your information there were:
BMW: 8
Mercedes: 5
Luxury Lexus: 6
Porsche: 4
Range Rover: 2

And that was one ward!

My new companion is Elder Mbawa. He was born in West Africa, and recently his family located to San Jose, CA. His father is living in Germany, he works at the embassy there. His entire family is LDS, he has an amazing testimony. As far as missionary work goes, the east side will be a challenge. We have met many non-members, and all of them have shown ZERO interest in the Gospel :)

On a lighter note, my last day in Evanston, we went and ate at the the Main St. Deli. The owners are members and feed us for free, how I love them both! I told them I wanted to do the wing challenge, which very few people had been able to conquer. The challenge was 10 wings in 25 minutes. I hammered the first one down, it wasn't that bad. By the time I finished the second wing and looked down at 8 more to go, I was done. Those wings were, by FAR, the hottest things my mouth has ever known! It wasn't just a "wow this is too intense" kind of hot, this was a "my entire body is aching with pain! My face is going numb! My arms are tingling! My senses are bouncing off the wall! The room is spinning and I see a light at the end of a tunnel!" hot! It was hilarious for all in attendance, I invited the other two elders in Evanston to witness it. I suffered for the next two days. Will I ever do something like that again? Absolutely not! Was it worth it...absolutely yes!

I'm pumped for conference. I'll be down in front. If you were standing at the podium, I would be to your left. My mission has flown by, and with April on the horizon, I think it's going to hit me sometime in the third week of the month that I only have one full month left in the field, and come June, it's time to pack up.

Miracles will come, I'm too motivated and happy for them not to. We're working hard, and doing our best to work with the members.

Take Care,

Elder Scotty

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