Thursday, May 10, 2012

April 16

We finally got a piece of the pie! Things are definitely looking up for us here in the Holladay area. We have some good leads and have a lot of things in motion. I'm for sure staying here the next 8 weeks, I think my companion will leave and I'll be a trainer. With the creation of the new missions here in Salt Lake, the church is pumping missionaries in like crazy to get ready for the split. In May we're receiving 30 missionaries, and come June an additional 40 missionaries! So yeah, chances are....I'll have one more greenie!

Everything else is fine and dandy, with only two months left, i feel like I've said all I could say. I have that attitude of, "I'll see my family and friends in 8 weeks...I'll talk to them when i get home." But I know my mother wouldn't like that, so I'll keep on typing!

We should have some more people to teach this week, I'm excited for the month of May, we'll for sure have some baptisms.

Love you all,

Elder Scotty

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