Thursday, May 10, 2012

April 23

The sun is shining! How glorious it is to see my skin glisten with sweat as it soaks in the rays. Hello missionary tan lines, it's so good to see you again! We had a great miracle this week. A woman in the area called the local bishop, and informed him she had been researching the LDS church online and wants to learn more and become a member of the church! She was jogging by the church building one evening, and had the impression to go in and get the information for the bishop. The church was opened, as it must have been for meetings and interviews. The bishop and his family bought for her a set of scriptures with her named engraved on them, and gave her a Preach My Gospel manual. We will be meeting with her this week. Miracles baby, BOO-YAH!

Today, on our preparation day, the zone goes bowling at Fat Cats. It's free for us missionaries on the east side, and so it's part of the schedule. How I love to bowl! And it gives us a reason to wear jeans and a t-shirt, double bonus! I have indeed lost some of my skills acquired from my bowling class at BYU, but it's getting there. 

Funny highlight of the week. We were out visiting members on a certain street, and a woman and her grandchildren were outside playing. As one of the kids yelled out for their Grandma, I greeted her coming up the driveway with the same, "Hey Grandma!" She was very pleasant. She said the home was her and her husband's, but that her daughter's family lived there right now, as she and her husband lived down in Provo. I mentioned I attend BYU, and so would be going back there soon. I then asked her what they were doing down in
Provo? She mildly said, "Oh, my husband works down at BYU" and left it at that. I inquired as to what it was he did down there, and she replied, "He's the president." Silence for a few seconds on my part as I thought on this....and then it hit me! "Wait, like...President Cecil Samuelson!?!" "Yup, that's us." Oh boy! Yeah, I totally know where good old Cecil lives!

Life is good, no complaints. Last week of the transfer is upon me, and come next week...IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOOOWN!!!


Elder Scotty

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